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About us

Our mission is to help founders build Peter Pan universes as a zero-to-one architect: a web3 ecosystem ran by organic users and not with ponzi schemes.

A personal intro: I was one of the people who received the original Bitcoin whitepaper back in October 2008, and has been involved with crypto either full-time or part-time ever since.

Since then, I have seen it all – from cryptography enthusiasts mining Bitcoin during its early days, and colored coins, to the birth of Ethereum, 2017's ICO boom, and its darkest days represented by pump-and-dump schemes.

Our thesis

Bootstrapping protocols from zero to one is what we do best, and not one to a hundred.

  1. We believe that the blockchain is the best data structure that humans have ever created to build virtual universes.
  2. Economics are to Web3 as Ads are to Web2.

The laws of physics have limited access to opportunities – mostly connections and funding – over the past few centuries. You either immigrate to be fully yourself, or be stuck in your own small bubble forever.

The only way to solve this is to build a virtual universe where laws of physics do not apply: a place where people can receive funding, make connections, and do work regardless of where they are based in.

For instance, the existing universe has a scalability problem; if the simulation argument is true, the universe must look infinite to its inhibitants while having finite resources (even if the computer our universe is being hosted on is powerful beyond imagination). This explains a lot of things that exist in modern physics: from the uncertainty principle to the Planck constant.

This universe also must be value-neutral, i.e. it should look like no single party is exercising control over your inhabitants.

Bitcoin and proof-of-work, i.e. probabilistic finality, is exactly what we need for this.

Unfortunately, crypto in general have failed to achieve sufficient momentum as an impactful primative beyond ponzi schemes, including larger adoption cases like NFTs.

We help build products that leverage economic incentive models for everyone, and not just for the talented few.

We build fundamental building blocks for universes.

About us